Bonus Episode: Sappho, Enheduanna and the lesbian movement with Judy Grahn

You can find the episode transcript here.

am I not   olden

olden olden it is unwanted.

wanting, wanting

am I not   broken

stolen   common

am I not crinkled cranky poison

am I not glinty-eyed and frozen

am I not   aged

shaky   glazing

am I not   hazy

guarded   craven

am I not   only

stingy   little

am I not   simple

brittle   spitting

was I not   over

over   ridden?

it is a long story

will you be proud to be my version?

it is unwritten.

writing, writing

am I not   ancient

raging   patient

am I not   able

charming   stable

was I not   building

forming   braving

was I not   ruling

guiding   naming

was I not   brazen

crazy   chosen

even the stones would do my bidding?

it is a long story

am I not proud to be your version?

it is unspoken.

speaking, speaking

am I not   elder



are you not wine before you find me in your own beaker?

– Slowly: a plainsong from an older woman to a younger woman 

Judy Grahn