Sweetbitter is an investigative history podcast with a focus on queer women’s history. Each season, we explore a different corner of history, using literary works or historical figures as a starting point to discuss a broader story of erasure of people with marginalized identities.

In our first season, we delved into the truth and controversy of Sappho — her life on the Isle of Lesbos, homosexuality in ancient Greece, and her legacy today. 

Season 2, coming in August, will focus on the history of queer and women pirates. What are the stories behind these radical rebels? And why have those stories been erased for hundreds of years now? 

We collaborate with experts to bring these stories to a modern audience. Along with the listener, we try to untangle stories tainted by years of homophobia, colonization, and patriarchy erasing and rewriting history.

We’ve been featured on Apple Podcast’s banner and New & Noteworthy homepage, Stitcher’s Women in Pop Culture and PocketCast’s Remarkable Women and have had the opportunity to guest on some of our favorite podcasts.