Season 2: The Queer History of Pirates

Ahoy, ye gaybies! Join Sweetbitter on a high-seas adventure full of surprises as we uncover the queer history of pirates. Gay love and even marriage were more common in the 17th-century world of pirates than we might expect, and history is full of cross-dressing, swashbuckling pirates who broke gender norms and created their own queer culture. Even Johnny Depp, in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, intentionally played Captain Jack Sparrow as a gay man.

What are the stories behind these radical rebels? And why have those stories been erased for hundreds of years now? Find out with us in this exciting season.

Join Our Pirate Squad!

Join our gay pirate choir and band!

All LGBTQ+ community members and allies welcome ✨

How to submit your videos: 

1. Download your part track for vocalists or the demo for any instrumentalists who want to join in on the fun! 
2. Grab some headphones, your cell phone (or if you want to get fancy, you can record with a microphone) and a computer 
3. Set up your phone to film yourself horizontally (landscape) and hit record 
3. Play the demo or part track in your headphones from your computer. You’ll hear two measures of a click track before Alyse comes in with the melody! 
4. Clap on click 5 (this helps us sync up the videos) 
5. Sing or play your pirate heart out! 
6. Upload your video here before May 23rd
7. Wait patiently for the video to be released for Pride Month in June!
Additional notes: Make sure you only hear the guide track in your headphones! We want everyone’s audio isolated for the mix!